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Mr. Fuqing Qian was born in 1954. He started the businessin1986. During the past 28 years, Mr. Qian found the Trauson Holdings and make it the market leader in the Chinese orthopedic industry, and it was the first Chinese orthopedic instrument manufacturer publicly traded in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
In the Chinese orthopedic industry, “TRAUSON” is the only China Well-Known Trademark bearer, and the company obtains the dominant market share and social awareness.
Mr. Qian was awarded many honorary titles for his extensive management experience and business achievements, such as senior economist, MBA, honorary doctor, honorary professor and the director of Nanjing Normal University. In his Career path, he has been invited to be the consultant of many institutes and non-profit organizations. Mr. Qian always had the passion for challenges. Today he started a new chapter with the Flon Holdings and will certainly lead it to be a global-wide technology and manufacturing conglomerate
Fuqing Qian, Chairman of Flon Holding Group
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